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What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script

What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script

What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script.

Today we will tell you What is Yoga Nidra and about Yoga Nidra for Sleep or Yoga Nidra Script
The meaning of Yoga Nidra is spiritual sleep. This is the sleep that has awake in sleeping.
The condition between sleeping and waking is Yoga Nidra.
It can be assumed to be between the dream and the awakening.
It is like a nap or says that it is like a Half consciousness.
So we can say its Yoga Nidra for Sleep and it tells about its many Yoga Nidra Script
God sleeps in this sleep.creation and destruction of the world by worshiping god the work of yoga is called Yoga Nidra.

What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script.

To be unattractive in the context of man, behaving in the world is Yoga Nidra
Take Yoga Nidra and be refreshed throughout the day. By learning from a yoga specialist, in the beginning, it will be more beneficial. The body and mind remain healthy by Yoga Nidra.
It also cures sleep deficiency. It also removes fatigue, stress, and depression.
Even in Raj yoga, it is called withdrawal, When the mind gets rid of the senses.
The success of withdrawal brings concentration. and not take sleep in Yoga Nidra.
it's part of Yoga Nidra for Sleep also given in Yoga Nidra Script
Good work can also be done from a man by Yoga Nidra. by doing Yoga Nidra Bad habits also leave it.
YogaNidraa is beneficial to treat, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, headache, stress, stomach wounds, asthma, neck pain, back pain, knees, joint pain, cystic, insomnia, depression and other psychological diseases, Very beneficial in .The Yoganidra can also be used on animals.
Players also take Yogidra to win the game in the field .Yoga Nidra be done from 10 to 45 minutes.

What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script.

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Make Yoga Sleep in an open space. don't be sleep in Yoga Nidra and the body does not
have to shake anyhow. Do not sleep in it because it is a psychological sleep.
don't be thinking in Yoga Nidra but to feel the movement of breath.

how to do Yoga Nidra

Steps for Yoga Nidra for Sleep-

  1. Spread a blanket on a clean place and spread a yoga mat on it. Lie down on the yoga mat like shavasan after wearing loose clothes. Both feet should be on the ground are about one foot away. Hold the palm at six inches from the waist and keep your eyes closed.
  2. After this, make the whole body completely loosened from head to toe, And lie down comfortably by removing stress from mind-brain. Continue to breathe and release during this period.
  3. Now imagine that your hands, feet, stomach, neck, eyes have all become relaxed. Then say to yourself in mind that I am going to practice Yoga Nidra. Repeat this three times and leave deep breaths and continue to take it.
  4. Now take your mind to different parts of the body and instruct them to be relaxed and stress free. Keep the whole body in a peaceful condition. Feel that pain is coming out from the whole body and I am feeling happy. Breathe deeply.
  5. Then take your mind on the right thumb. All the fingers of the feet are going to relax at least the feet of the paw, heel, shin, knee, thigh, buttocks, waist, shoulder.
  6. Likewise, the left leg also relaxes, Easy breathe and leave. Now lie down and take five breaths and breathe five times. There will be a stomach and chest in it. The abdomen will be up-down.

Yoga Nidra benefits Mind-brain-

It removes stress from the brain. It proves very beneficial in insomnia, fatigue, and depression.
Good work can also be done by human beings with doing Yoga Nidra Bad habits also leave it.
Yoga Nidra is very powerful in the determination in sleep. Yoga sleep is not self-hypnosis.

'What is Yoga Nidra | Yoga Nidra for Sleep | Yoga Nidra Script'