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What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas

What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas-

What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas. yogvalue.com

Today we gonna tell you about What is Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas Yoga is a simple method. Following this path of meditation and sadhana, 
all those who are at home can also achieve the Yoga benefit.
And also can get physical, mental and spiritual benefits from them.
Maharishi Patanjali is the father of Yoga Sutra, it is known to all.
He has given the systematic form of yoga. Patanjali has said Yoga as Ashtanga Yoga or Rajyog.

In the said eight organs of yoga, all kinds of yoga are included.
of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga is also a great path of Lord Buddha.
However, after the Ashtanga Yoga Buddha of the Yoga Sutras, there is a composition.
Ashtanga Yoga is a very important meditation method, which Patanjali has done in his Sutras. its have also Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas.

In about 200 BC, Maharishi Patanjali collected Yoga in written form and composed the Yoga Sutras. Due to the composition of Yog-Sutras, Patanjali is said to be the father of Yoga. They have described the eight limbs of Yoga, RestrainObservance, Asana, Pranayama, AbstractionConcentration, meditation, and Trance. This is Ashtanga Yoga. lots of people want to know What is Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas.  Let us know Ashtanga Yoga in detail.

What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas. yogvalue.com

The eight limbs also have their own sub-organ. Currently, there are three types of yoga in circulation Asana, pranayama, and meditation. Now talk about eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.
Restrain, there are five types- Nonviolence, Truth, false, Celibacy, and Apathy.
Similarly, the rules are also five. This is the rule- Defecation(purification of mind and body), Satisfaction, Tenacity, Self-study (Knowing who I am), God of nature (full dedication to God). Asana means Sit in joy without moving. Pranayam is used to control the life force which is running the body. Similarly, Abstraction of mind and senses from external subjects in withdrawal And the mind wandering in perception is brought to one place. It after comes the meditation, which means experiencing your appearance.
The last step is to remain and stay in the pure soul form.

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Nonviolence for sexual, physical and mental abstinence, Do not steal, Truth, 
do not Tell a lie, Celibacy such as Apathy etc Five Ethics is scheduled.
If you do not follow it, its impact will be in your life and society.


To make a duty of human duty and Rules have been made to streamline life.
These include defecation, contentment, tenacity, self-medication, and God-ordination.
Defecation includes external and inter purification of both types.

Poses & Asanas-

Patanjali has said the asana of sitting in a stable and pleasurable posture.
The subsequent thinkers have imagined many rugs. 
In fact, Yoga Poses & Asana is the main subject of Hatha Yoga.
Hatha yoga Pradipika' related to this In 'House Code' and 'Yogeshikhopanishad' Get information in detail.


For the generous role of yoga, for Pulse instrument and their awakening 
The breath of breath and the rule of exhalation is pranayama.
Pranayama is very helpful in conquering the transience of mind and disturbance.


The name of withdrawal from the subjects of the senses itself is the  Abstraction.
The senses do the human being outward. By this practice of withdrawal, 
the seeker achieves the position of the necessary interim prime for yoga.


it is the notion that focusing the mind on a particular place is Concentration
.By the way, stabilizing the mind in the body is the main place,
Embryo, the front of the nose, the front part of the tongue, gland, heart, navel etc.
But the best place is considered to be a heart.


When the mind becomes turbulent when contemplating the goal object then it is called meditation. In the state of complete meditation, knowledge of any other thing or its memory is not entered in the mind.


It is the state of mind In which the mind is completely absorbed in the mind of the object. Yoga considers the realization of liberation as possible by seeing TranceTrance has two categories, known and uncommon. The meaning of samadhi is related to the argument, though, and pleasure. And in an unimaginable manner, all types of sattviks, rajas and tamas are prevented.

What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas. yogvalue.com

Here we tell you how what is Ashtanga Yoga has been working for human life for years.

'What is Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Poses & Asanas'